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• Bawaka Cultural Tours
• Gay’wu (Dillybag) Women’s Program
• Arnhem Weavers
• Rripangu Yidaki (Didgeridoo)
• Healing Centre
• Top End Expeditions
• Buymarr
• Nyinyikay Dha Wuba
(up to 5 day Interactive Culture experiences)
• Cruises
Contact: Tourism Hub Coordinator
0447 087 091
(08) 8987 0429
Visit the website for further information www.yolngutourism.com

Half day tours to seven day Diving, Snorkelling and interpretive tours. For further details visit thier website

Nomad - Unforgetable Adventures in Remote Australia

Nomad Charters and Tours offer you a unique Northern Territory Arnhem Land experience. Full day fishing charters, wilderness retreat adventures at Banubanu on Bremer Island or personalised cultural and town tours. For further details visit their web site

East Arnhem Land Wilderness Tours

yolgnu cultural tour

Yolgnu Cultural Tours

Guided Cultural tours are available and are an interesting way to learn about this unique region and the Yolngu people. Interpretative bushwalking and birdwatching tours are also available.

Arnhem Land is one of the few areas in Australia where Aboriginal people still live a traditional life and maintain a strong culture.

It is important to remember that Yolngu solely own the entire Arnhem Land region and it is important to respect the access restrictions this brings.

Eco Tours

There is an abundance of rare and distinguished plants, marine animals and wildlife throughout East Arnhem Land. There's everything from Sting Rays, exotic native vegetables, Turtles and other extraordinary species.

Guided land based and boat charters are a good way to find out more about the pristine environment of East Arnhem Land. Refer to the links on the side of this page.

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